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Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other queries then please get in touch.

Our curriculum is only available to licensed users. Even though our manuals are protected by US copyright laws, we would rather students gain the full education behind our platform, rather than in part. After all, it is what our mission is all about. The good news is that our affiliates actually get tons of valuable tools and extras just for being an affiliate. It’s our way of saying thank you for allowing our mission to reach as many artists as possible. You might find that is a better fit in the long run for you too!
Our trainers pay a low annual licensing fee of $1999 (per location / territory) which includes unlimited access to our online curriculum including course syllabus, daily lesson plans, digital trainer’s manual, marketing email scripts, graphics and logos, business listing on mpeducators.com and boost on our socials, auto-graded digital student exam & quizzes, students evaluation forms and certificates, students contracts and business protection tips, platform maintenance, territory protection available and more! We’ll even ship your student manuals directly to your studio for each student enrolled in Phase I.
There’s more… We also offer quality kits that come with everything you need and machines at great price points! These options are available- but not required for any trainer, ever! Your students may also take part in our preferred partners programs to gain discounts on products and services to jump start their careers- These include services for web design / SEO, lead generation, mentorship / coaching, and PMU supply stores. One more thing- if you teach more than 25 students a year, your annual fee will be cut in half!
No! Students pay us directly when they enroll in the online Phase I course, you will collect all subsequent fees thereafter for training days you provide to your students. For updated pricing on classes check https://www.mpeducators.com/students/
We have had such great success teaching thousands of PMU artists over the years. Our methods are preferred and our teachings are ground-breaking that create ah-ha moments for students. Therefore, our mission was clear- that was to simply provide standardized training for PMU and SMP artists across the US. We even went a bit further to create parallel pricing for students in an effort for them to gain a proper education without cross-country travel.
Our program is a 120 hour course which meets most guidelines for US state and professional certification boards. However, some states require additional curriculum or hours. We offer supplemental training curriculum that can be purchased to help trainers in those states. In those specific states, tuition fees are increased to compensate trainers for the additional time provided to the students. It covers:
  • Softly shaded eyebrows / Upper Eyelash Enhancement / Eyeliner / Lip Blushing- (Start to finish procedure video demonstrations of each)
  • Whip-shading, pointillism, circular shading
  • Safety, Consultations, Client Management, Data Storage, Sample Forms, all about Machines, all about Needles, comprehensive Color Theory, Skin Tones, Patch Testing, Design Theory / Mapping / Stenciling, Facial Anatomy, Anesthetics, Stretching Techniques, Supply lists, Aftercare, Wound Healing, and Touch Ups.
  • Forms, diagrams, drawing worksheets, drawdown sheets, and more!
Yes, teach your lessons in the order you wish and with the artistic style you prefer. If you have your own tips, tricks and trade secrets, share with your students what works for you. We ask that you keep the number of hours and lessons the same but you may alter the order you teach them throughout the day. There are some aspects of fundamentals that we wish to keep in the program as these are foundational necessities. Keep in mind, you can always have your students come back to you for intermediate / advanced classes in the future.
You can certainly teach just eyebrows as a specialty in the hands-on portion of this course. However, the student will still be required to learn and test accurately for all other procedures learned in the on-line portion. Our philosophy is that artists entering the industry should still have a good understanding of the field they are in. Much like a medical doctor learning all aspects of human anatomy not just the brain simply because they choose to become a brain surgeon later on. Likewise, culinary arts students learn all types of culinary cooking methods in school even though they may specialize in French cuisine once graduated. We believe the industry should have a better foundation and that is exactly why this platform exists. For the student, if they do decide to get a separate class for lips later on, they will atlas have had the foundational knowledge in place for better success!
Yes, absolutely! As an ambassador you are your own boss and you set your own training schedule, select your own students, market your classes as your own, and collect payments directly from your students. As an affiliate, you are an authorized licensed user of our copywriter curriculum and your license must be renewed annually to have access to the program and to be affiliated with MPE.
After Phase II is complete, students are assigned three weeks of tattoo practice work, mapping and stretching practice on live models. Their progress is submitted to you for review and all homework assignments are part of their accumulated training hours. Students who do not complete homework on time or in full cannot be assessed for advancement to phase III. Incomplete assignments typically result in ineligibility for participation in phase III. Options, if any, in your student contract should be clear.
It’s important to remember as trainers we have an obligation to uphold quality student performance to ensure students are able to work on subjects both in the practice model portion of training and post-graduation. If a student is showing signs of slow progress or is unable to perform the techniques learned, it is suggested the student is not able to advance to Phase III. Instead, the student can be assigned additional home-practice medium in which their trainer would monitor and critique for readiness. Once ready, the trainer can then allow the student to enroll in a subsequent Phase III class pertaining that the students and trainer feel this is the best option.
For this reason it is suggested that Phase III enrollment is only accepted once Phase II is complete and students submit their first tattoo practice homework assignment. This way their trainer can see if they are practicing, if they are capable and ready of Phase III.
Ambassadors get access to free online resources and courses to prepare them for organized training. We like to have a personal relationship with each of our providers to ensure they are getting the best out of our products. To facilitate that, we offer free phone and Messenger support for new trainers during the time they direct their first course and even beyond in many instances. We also provide student referrals and networking within our Facebook group. At MPE® we welcome trainer feedback for advancement and product development.
You can get started as soon as 30 days! You can take that time to take the program yourself for FREE! We want you to be super familiar with the platform and to go through it well so you can answer your students' questions and help them to test well by ensuring your teaching aligns with the content. You might even learn a new tip yourself! We do ask you to advertise and teach your first class within 60 days of signing, for a successful start.
Because our BBP class is offered through a third-party provider, we were not granted any discounts for trainers. Trainers are encouraged to take our BBP course for annual renewals. It is a 4 hour, industry-specific course that meets certification guidelines and it’s just $49. It can be accessed through this link

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