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Expert training by an MPE® Brand Ambassador

Become a succesful Artist expert creator

Our curriculum meets guidelines for graduate students to obtain professional certification. Students who select a trainer using the MPE® Program can expect nothing less than a first class training experience.

3 Reasons to Become a Micropigmentation Artist

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Become your own boss

It is never easy starting a business, but when you do, you will never want to go back! Join today and let us support you in becoming your own boss!

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transform lives through art

Micropigmentation is taking the world of beauty by storm! Training in micropigmentation enables you to transform the lives of your clients!

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Fulfilling and Lucrative Career

Take this opportunity and learn from some of the best in the industry. Micropigmentation is not just a job; it is a career that will take you far!

Micropigmentation Experts

Your Training Journey

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What the Micropigmentation Educators, LLC® training journey looks like...

Our three-phase learning journey can be completed in about two months. Once enrolled, you’ll begin with our Phase I- online training and our bloodborne pathogens safety class. This course prepares you with everything you need to know for the live portion of your training. Once complete, you can enroll in Phase II with a qualified MPE® suggested trainer to build your skill set. The last phase of training is where you’ll complete live model procedures under a trainers supervision and a final exam to complete your training.  

See below for a breakdown of each phase…

Here's What's included with Each Phase of PMU Training:

Phase I


Course access, digital course manual, 4 hr. industry-specific bloodborne pathogens training ($49), course completion verification. The online course consists of 9 modules, 8 quizzes and 42 lessons for a robust understanding for those new to PMU.

Phase II


Three days of hands-on skill building instruction in one or more of the following (PMU- eyebrows, eyeliner, lip blushing), full color 200+ page printed manual, practice kit, exam, trainer guidance and feedback through several weeks of home study.

Phase III


Three days of trainer-supervised live model procedures (minimum of six), final exam, trainer evaluation, certificate of completion.

Students who complete all three phases also receive trainer support and course access for six months. 
(Additional fees may apply to meet additional state curriculum requirements that exceed 120 hours)

Our Requirements

Does this sound like you?

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This platform is perfect for...

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New to the PMU or SMP industry and seeking quality training by an MPE® Brand Ambassador. The online portion of this program can be used as an introductory course for those who are unsure if a career in PMU or SMP is for them

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Supplemental Learning

For artists who have had insufficient training elsewhere and need additional information or hours to get certified. The online portion of this course (and possible hands-on) will fill the gap

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Continuing Education

Affordable, at-home learning, perfect for the renewal of professional certifications and to accrue continuing education hours

Need to renew your Blood Pathogens Course? No problem! Click this link here to get started.

SPCP or AAM certified? Request a 15% discount for Phase 1

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Staff Training

Onboarding new artists? Use MP Educators online training to get your new staff up to speed.

Purchasing a bundle of four or more online courses for your team?

The Training Categories We Offer...

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Permanent Makeup Fundamentals

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Scalp Micropigmentation Fundamentals

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Restorative / Para-Medical training

Purchase Phase I Now!

Core Principles of Micropigmentation Introductory Online Course Total: 40 hrs. / $2499 (digital manual included 15 hrs.) 

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The curriculum and knowledge behind this product comes from

twenty years of experience and development

by Artist / Co-Owner / Founder, Valerie Weber & SMP Artist / Trainer Ian Krueger

With a lot of experience in micropigmentation and training, Valerie and Ian have created a curriculum that can support everyone through their journey, whether that be a beginner, supplemental learning, or someone continuing education. This is the perfect course if you are new to the PMU or SMP industry and seeking quality training from top trainers. The Micropigmentation Experts program is found in facilities across America, where we will refer you to train once you have completed the first phase of your training.